Foreword by Janet Murphy

Choice is good, informed choice is better

It is a great honour to write the foreword to this new and exciting Cuidiú Consumer Guide 'bump2babe'. This new website reflects a cutting edge response to the needs of our parents, by putting clear, independent and unbiased advice in easily accessible and understandable packages.

The presentation of this consumer guide has used information technology wisely, making all the information on maternity services in Ireland available, accessible and user-friendly.

This user-focused guide provides relevant information both for mothers-to-be and health care professionals alike. This guide is a resource for all –based on up to date and specific details from maternity services nationwide. Health care providers must practice within a framework of evidence-based practice that amalgamates robust research and reflects the woman’s choice.

Becoming a parent is a life changing, enhancing experience, but it can also be challenging and sometimes stressful.

Cuidiú can help you through this transition, offering relevant information, reassurance and mutual support. This consumer guide has the ability to reach out and assist thousands of parents through pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood.

Cuidiú has been available to parents in Ireland for many years, providing support, friendship and unbiased information. This guide provides up to date information on the choices available in maternity care in Ireland, to ensure that parents are able to make informed decisions for themselves and their baby.

We live and work in challenging economic times. As health care professionals, the current moratorium, budgets cuts and increasing pressures to deliver services that respond to the needs of our consumers can be demanding.

The gaps in choice available within the maternity services are also highlighted by this new consumer guide and will need to be addressed.

It is essential that Clinical, Managerial and Educational leaders, across maternity services, champion the changes needed within our maternity environments, maintain ongoing standards of excellence and meet the needs of our parents.

How lucky we are to have Cuidiú to provide this fountain of knowledge on an ongoing basis to educate, inform and highlight the importance of informed choice in order to empower those who need it the most.

Janet Murphy
Advanced Midwife Practitioner (Midwifery Care)
Waterford Regional Hospital.

Janet Murphy MSc BSc RGN RM RNP is the first Advanced Midwife Practitioner (Midwifery Care) in Ireland, based at Waterford Regional Hospital.

This post embraces midwifery care, education, and the health of women throughout their pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Janet trained as an RGN and RM in the United Kingdom - Guys Hospital & St Bartholomew’s Trust London. She has worked since 1995 in Waterford Regional Hospital across the maternity settings, obtaining masters in clinical midwifery at UCD in 2006 and becoming a registered midwife prescriber in 2008.

Her Candidacy period involved the establishment of the Advanced Midwife Practitioner service at Waterford Regional Hospital. The role incorporates the Clinical supervision of the midwifery led services at Waterford Regional Hospital ensuring care is evidence based, allowing growth of midwives, promotion of normality in childbirth and refocusing the role of the midwife. Janet is currently waiting registration as a Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioner with An Bord Altranais.

30th May 2011

About bump2babe

<%= t :cuidiu_title, :scope => 'site.sponsors' %> This Guide was collated and designed by two of Cuidiú's antenatal teachers, Louisa Crowley and Niamh Healy, as an update to two earlier versions of the maternity services guide from 1999 and 2007. The 2011 production is a comprehensive on-line edition. After reflecting on the previous guides and using them as a template 'Bump2babe – The Consumer Guide to Maternity Services in Ireland’ was formulated. The questionnaire was designed to gather birthing statistics and to acquire information on services, policies & practices of all 22 maternity units in the State. It was sent to the units during December 2010. 100% of the maternity units partook in what was a lengthy survey and we are very grateful to them for the hours taken to complete their responses.

The idea for the guide is driven by the concept of informed choice. Our objective is that each website user can easily access jargon-free information to help them make informed decisions about their maternity care.

Cuidiú is extremely proud of this achievement as the guide is a unique and impartial resource. There is no other source in Ireland for parents to access this valuable information. We look forward to the response from parents and other users.

This project was part funded by grant aid from the HSE and from the Citizens Information Board and part-funded by ours sponsors, Pampers.

Cuidiú, The Irish Childbirth Trust

Cuidiú means ‘caring support’ in Irish. Our motto is ‘education and support for parenthood’. We are a parent-to-parent community based voluntary support group. We are a registered charity providing support for families throughout all stages of parenthood – from pregnancy to adolescence. Our aim is to provide information to parents which allows them to make informed choices about pregnancy, childbirth, infant feeding and parenting – as well as to support and encourage them in those choices.